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Imagine yourself as a technician in a dealership or independent auto shop getting paid flat rate. (Flat Rate = No base salary. You get paid on what you produce. A job pays 2 hrs and you do it in one you get paid 2 hrs. You do it in 4 hrs, you get paid 2 hrs.) It's been a slow month. Not just this month but last month too. Your reserves of cash are running dangerously low and the mortgage is due the following week. It's the next to last day of the pay period and you have a job that you are just praying is going to be sold in time to order parts for the next day. It's getting close to the cut off time to order the parts and you finally get word back that the job sold. You rush to parts to make sure the parts are going to be in tomorrow but there is a line at the counter. Finally when you make it to the front to make sure your parts will be there on time the counter person tells you that you just missed the cut off... In those moments it feels like a car is getting dropped on your head. The pressure of the world around you as you feel like the walls are closing in because you know that the odds are against you to make up those hours tomorrow without that job. The ringing in your ears as you desperately try to figure out what bill you will put off paying this time. All of this could have been prevented if things just moved a little bit faster. Just a little bit more efficiently.

This situation and countless similar ones play out across the country and the world every day. Processes are too slow or people whom you are reliant on don't move fast enough and you or someone else is left holding the bag.

That's where we come in.

Clearpoint Systems Technology, LLC is a technology company that specializes in selling software as a service to the automotive service and sales industry that increases workflow efficiency, and also offers a host of full business services and solutions with our partners at TQI. 

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We are currently seeking funding to continue development of our automotive service and sales applications. Our company is currently just past the concept phase when it comes to our software products. We are currently seeking Seed funding to take our company to the next level and begin development of our applications. We are projecting a substantial return on investment of between 25 to 30 times contributions over the next 5 to 7 years.

Ideal investors would have strong connections with influencers and owners in the independent or dealership automotive repair industry, or with automotive manufacturers. Experience running or managing a dealership(s) or chain of independent shops would also be a plus as well as experience in B2B Software as a Service sales.



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