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Automotive Service Consulting

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Finding qualified technicians and service advisors is difficult. We can show you how to do more with the resources you have, as well as make more money off of your existing customers in addition to helping you draw in new ones. One of the first things many consultants do is advise you to raise your prices. This can turn off existing customers with no guarantee of attracting new ones. We will help you to identify your market and competitors and suggest changes as needed to keep you competitive in your market area.

We believe that success is something that can be duplicated when best practices are followed and teams work together. That being said, we understand that every shop is unique and have their own challenges specific to their situation. Unlike many other consulting services we don't want to change the everything you do so that you adhere to some generic formula. We want to help you identify and remove obstacles that prevent you from running your business the way you envision it. Of course we can also help you with complete restructuring of your business as well, and advise you if it is something you should consider.

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