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About Dana Dunmyer

Picture of Dana DunmyerAfter 22 years in pastoral ministry, in 1995 Dana resigned his position as Pastor in San Bernardino, California. Between his resignation and the start of their first business, Dana, Connie and their two daughters lost much of what they owned in a moving accident and within 3 months of arriving in Ohio, they found themselves homeless for nearly six months.  

Trying to put food on the table, Dana started the technology development firm, CADCOM Consulting. By 1998, CADCOM had grown from a one-man operation into a company with a workforce of over 300 and was sold in a pre-IPO exit strategy to a Venture Capital firm in Omaha. 

Upon selling CADCOM, Dana, his wife Connie and their executive team started TQI at the urging of GE Aviation. TQI has grown to serve over 200 clients of all sizes ranging from $150 billion down to a few hundred thousand in revenue. TQI enjoys a global footprint in the US, Europe, Africa and Australia. Some of TQI’s more recognizable clients include GE, International Paper, Snecma Aerospace, Deloitte & Touché, Citi, Duke University Medical Center, Boeing, Airbus and Lockheed Martin. These companies and others rely on TQI which provides technology solutions and services in manufacturing and service industries, healthcare, aerospace, transportation, community banks, energy, solid waste, safety and compliance, public and private “for-profit” companies. Additionally, Dana has provided consulting for projects with the US Department of Defense, the TSA and the US Federal Aviation Administration.

In 2001, Dana invented a solid-waste, environmental and contract management technology solution while consulting for a large regional solid waste company. This resulted in him starting TQ EnviroNet, an innovative technology provider and holding company. Donating and licensing the technology to the Cedarville University Entrepreneurship program, Dana served on the board of the newly formed company and became a principal and for a time, the controlling shareholder of Elytus LTD... Elytus now is a service company featuring solid-waste, environmental and contract management technologies with over 7,000 commercial locations under management.

Today, Dana owns and operates TQI in Cincinnati, Ohio. In addition to his duties as President, Dana’s passion is business & technology consulting, strategic planning, business development and entrepreneurship. A serial entrepreneur himself, during the recession which extended into 2012, he launched the TQINet Angel Fund and Business Development Program for entrepreneurs. He aggressively promotes new business creation and believes there is a bright future for American innovation.

Under Dana’s leadership, TQI provides turnkey internet solutions, professional services, managed services, cloud services, software application development and IT outsourcing.  TQI has a distributed workforce in the US and offshore. Dana’s background in Six Sigma Process under Jack Welch’s leadership combined with Agile development methodologies, has helped to make TQI a leading provider of process improvement services and software application development. Measurable savings in time, money and manpower, as well as, improved revenue generation opportunities drive their success.

Upon the sale of their first company in the dotcom days; Dana and Connie formed a non-profit organization, Beracha Foundation, which does the same thing their technology company does with one exception... the Beracha Foundation only serves non-profits and 100% of all their services and technology solutions are subsidized to an average ratio of $4.35 from Beracha for every $1.00 the non-profits contribute. Beracha has grown exponentially with provisions and funding of services in 110 countries since 1999 when they were formed. They have provided subsidies to the non-profits they serve which exceed $32 million dollars. 

In 2005, in addition to Beracha subsidies, Beracha created a funding program known as “Small Things – Great Love” which helps to generate corporate donations and technology revenue streams for the non-profits they serve. Through the various funding programs and subsidies, non-profit organizations are able to be recipients of up to 100% of all Beracha services free.

Dana, Beracha’s Executive Director, is still an ordained Pastor. Beracha’s mandate is to fulfill the great commission by utilizing our gifts and resources. We have been blessed with technology and business solutions and we share them as encouraged in Matthew 25:14-30. We chose to be measured upon the success we bring about in helping ministries and wholesome non-profits fulfill their unique missions. Beracha’s motto is “Serving Those Who Serve”.

Preparing for several years, in 2019 Beracha will begin working to create a new kind of “IT Missionary” to send out to non-profits at no cost to those organizations. Beracha missionaries will be next generation believers gifted and called to utilize their technology, social media and business acumen to hold the hands of those they serve. They will be quantifiably measured and accountable for the transformational success they are able to bring to the table. They will hold the hands of those they serve, and they will equip the non-profit leadership through mentoring, coaching and encouragement. They will not change the unique mission of the groups they serve but they will enable and empower the mission that it may be accomplished with significantly greater success. Beracha’s focus on non-profits can be summed up in this: “Beracha does not do what you do – Beracha helps you do what you do better.”

Dana and his wife Connie reside in the countryside north of Cincinnati, Ohio. Traveling globally about 200,000 miles every year, Dana and Connie choose to make their offices in their home/retreat. Ever focused on transformational and disruptive business technology and non-profit solutions, they continue to start new businesses, invest in start-ups and they are planning to franchise their successes through the next 20 years.

Dana and Connie have two children who experienced life’s ups and downs together. Life’s challenges have served to sharpen and prepare them. Their oldest daughter, Sarah, is a Chemical Engineer working with groups like the Department of Defense and DOW Chemical. She resides nearby with her husband and two children. The Dunmyer’ youngest daughter, Jennifer, is a Defense Attorney and Guardian ad Litem. She resides in Virginia with her husband. Both daughters are actively involved in their faith, in business and they serve non-profits in varying capacities. 


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